Say My Name

by Elias-Omar aka Avarice

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This song is dedicated to all African Americans that have died needlessly due to systemic racism. The first verse is written from the perspective of Emmett Till's ghost. The second verse was written from Rekia Boyd's perspective at the time of her passing. I did take some artistic 'freedoms' to properly transmit the emotion and message. I understand that things can be misconstrued, so I want to make it clear, in NO WAY did I mean any disrespect to to Emmett Till, Rekia Boyd, or their families. In fact, my intention is the opposite.


Injustice unresolved is my prison/
murdered  now earthbound as apparition//
gouged out my eyes but after death my vision is perfect,
pierce into  souls  to see  below the surface//
Early in this earthly internment/
My emotions blazed like the sun
While traveling traversing//
Across the globe on occasion i would run/
into peers who perished as well,  either by gun//
noose or maybe even dragging behind a pickup/
the most consistent coincidence was the victims//
Hue and no get back justice due/
In the wilderness of north america confused//
events take me back to days/
I laid on the bottom of the tallahatchie to wait//
To be discovered as testament to hate/
Mama left the casket open to display/
The truth of what the demons did that dark day/
They Figured the the little nigga deserved to be slain/
Like my man Yusuf and my man Trae/
still the culprits escape punishment- they hate//
Divulging the truth  like our lives aint nothing/
Despised, the global apartheid survives//
Till the debt for crimes gets paid in blood/
I'm right here- wandering the planet stuck//
Witnessed the dream of a King dissolve behind a gunshot/
And Churches set aflame in the name of god//
Lynchings  called suicides blatant lies/
self defense if u black don't apply//
To the point now awareness is labeled as racist/
And racists are labeled as patriots//
habeaus corpus aint enough to prove that any shit got did/
When the vic's a black kid//
My names is emmitt, not smith but till my people get it/
its gonna keep on happening with no guilt//
So i ask, At what point does the sleeping lion finally awake/
Propagate the truth- fabricate your fate//
And in the face of the bigoted strike fearless/
On that day i'll rest but for now we aint near this//
So still im earthbound here to haunt terresterial minds/
wishing i never left the chi in 1955//

Never forget say my name/
Yo Somebody please say my name//
The more things change, seeming like its staying the same//
Yall keep forgetting thats why you fall for game//

Was with my people walking nearby Douglas Park/
With thoughts of getting to the crib cuz  sometimes its wild after dark//
And it was type late, something like a quarter to twelve/
Usually theres safety in numbers Glad i wasnt by myself//
Heard yell,  turned and looked some white boy complaining bout our conversation/
Mind your business weirdo why the fuck you instigating//
The homey Ant said - who the fuck is you we aint hearing that-/
-bounce bitch- he got red in the face while we turned and laughed/
Heard dude hit gas, ant said -these white folks tripping-/
-lemme call the house tell them we'll be there in a minute-//
Pulled his phone out and instantly- gunshots/
Ants hand got hit in slow mo i saw his phone drop//
Everybody screaming but all i heard was the gun and my beating heart/
Tried to run as fast as i could but then everything  went dark//


released July 11, 2016
Produced by Jamel



all rights reserved


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Elias-Omar aka Avarice Danbury, Connecticut

I'm a hip hop artist residing in Danbury, CT.I operate as a solo artist, and I'm also a member of the group 'No Definition', which consists of Lord Lucky Leftfield, Divine Lava, and myself. I am a fraction of the conglomerate of artists known as 'The S.I.N.'.
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