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Lyrics written and performed by Elias-Omar aka Avarice
Produced by Jamel for
From the upcoming album, 'When Pawns Become Kings'.


1st verse-
Have your emotions steaming more than
kennedy's dome  in that lincoln/
Got no chill pardon me been drinkin//
I'm slipping into darkness insane words from a deranged artist/
Disembarking on a journey of thought some found it foreign//
And figured it fasaud but this wasnt made for  audiences/
sanity's  maintenance except you can hear my spirit//
A few find it weird/
cuz in todays hip hop climate if rhyme with more than one syllable words its unclear//
But i adhere to real rules/
Like always elevate and spit it the way that u move//
Stalk rappers predatory richard bey at the moon/
Slicker -slave spiritu-als over programmed loops//
Yall rap for fly whips and platinum plated nooses/
Otherwise you rarely dapped like kosta koufus quickly losing//
Yo the most recent update of human/
Brain synapses plot unusual paths your ass clueless//-
I laugh at half stupid rappers with souls unrooted record what presently pass as music imitate to move units//
And hating when trues do it bitch get used to it/
Cuz if i spit it my souls included uncut and undiluted//
Erupt explode like supernovas with talk ferocious/
Till da chorus just coordinated chaos unleashed emotion//
A beast emboldened feast on foes  leftovers frozen/
Rappers remains in meat lockers boxers punch to practice for opponents//

Chorus: Monopolize stategies of war I excersize/
Intelligent assassin sonically they mesmerized//
Capitalizing on how weak the average sounding/
Brain battered like balboa absorbing the pounding//

2nd verse-
balboa  the flow funk like foul odors/
You spitting is like a  5-9 150 lb power forward//
Trying to keep young barkley from backing in, can't stop whats happening/
Inactive bastards softer than mafucking chrysanthemums//
Slanderous amateurs still ain't get the picture like you left the lid on the camera lense you'll see the light like lanterns when//
I surpass all parameters and patrol the perimeter/
With limitless ammunition When spitting so killer give it up//
This was written inspired by aggravation anger and enough/
Rage to make the hulk blush plus rupture spit guards when i thrust//
Slang into existence- futuristic spit explicit/
Like exhibit i heard you like bars so i put bars around bars to bar niggas from borrowing bars i'm spitting//
Angelic flow  uplifting like hand cannons pressed against ya ribs and//
And -baung-  admit it its iller than u thought plausible or possible/
But don't let cognitive dissonance be an obstacle to logical//
White flag waving, towel throwing you know that submission shit/
Visibly throwing a fit just relax and save the tantrums for kids//
calmy watched nortenos stabbed to death over heroin debts/
So how the fuck some rap nigga really thinking he pose a threat//

3rd verse-
Silly rabbit tricks are for kids/
all natural style my vocals vile iller than shit//
A pawns performance birth a potentate spit it so classic/
The attentive- catch where i coming from like prophylatics//
Balboa the flow funk like foul odors/
With ink my speech burn white sheets like klansmen if ever in the hood they show up//
slang just a synopsis of Ralph Ellison's concious/
Made visible admist the modern madness that i encounter//
Surround your brain with images scripted vivid in hd/
Embrace the hate then speak a line that put fuckers in park like paisley//
A walking oxymoron like lifers in cali screaming gangsters do it moving/
Digging thru the ruins of hip hop searching for new solutions//
to that same old struggle/
Never fold but truth be told sometimes i drank away the trouble//
Now i just allow my thoughts to dwell on the envy and unjustified hatred for durations/ you might consider psychotic as i decide my statements//
Reiterate my disgust during retalation/
Like when ya moms bust that ass,  syllables in syncopation with strikes pacing//
degrading rap derelicts i lost faith in like placing a puffy promoted r&b cd sideways up your ass for thinking too basic//


released October 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Elias-Omar aka Avarice Danbury, Connecticut

I'm a hip hop artist residing in Danbury, CT.I operate as a solo artist, and I'm also a member of the group 'No Definition', which consists of Lord Lucky Leftfield, Divine Lava, and myself. I am a fraction of the conglomerate of artists known as 'The S.I.N.'.
I also am affiliated with the Scienceninjateam.

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