Hateful Love

by Elias-Omar aka Avarice



prod. by DJ Ai
recorded at Imperial Sound Studios
From the soon-to-be released album, THE MORLOCK KING


Verse 1:
Coulda saved me from losing my fucking mind/
Wait-Getting ahead of myself I'll break it down just give me time//
Guess I'll start wit how surreptitiously i plotted on her/ addicted to viewing her frame and pleased by her persona//
In loaner grinding rotors when I rolled up, made my move/
Rebuffed me though disgusted her retort was hardly rude//
Figured cool it's expected she prolly want some dude balling/
When i was broke as an orphan homeless misguided alley walking//
Still was talking to me every time that we crossed paths/
Like hey how ya doing wish I had time for a chat a couple laughs//
asked for the math she just took mine with no intents to interact/ yet cordial so more so my anxieties would soon surpass//
The boiling point burning, a fact unbeknownst to missy/ been going on 6 months and trust my blade been getting busy// she's what I was missing and could ease my minds affliction/ now I'm in the basement sitting wit newspaper clippings of my victims// still I see her everyday , typically on my way to work/ usually she says 'hi' I say 'fuck u' she says 'jerk'//
Then I laugh and pull off extra quick in my new black Audi/
Wonder what the fuck my beautiful queen would do without me// cuz I know exactly what the fuck that I'd do wit her/ said I know exactly what the fuck that I'd do with her//
Treat her royalty thankful for every touch/ it's the dynamics madman ignored hate from love//

Been so long I been after u can't remember u not on my mind/
Could imagine us connected moving thru this nonsense we call life//
Just like them memes girl that could be us but u playing round wasting time/
I'm fronting like my soul ain't in pain I been ordained to make this sacrifice//

Verse 2:
Been here for months u still ain't write yet/
Think the COs keeping my letters, never should said those death threats//
Wonder if u got mines tho, hope u understand/ The reason why I laid dude out, wasnt cuz he was your man//
But Ironic as it seems, he was a victim of chance/
Bout block from the house saw all pigs in front the so I scrammed//
Way Too anxious bust an axle on the curb before the on ramp/ figured the 5 saw the commotion so I Unbuckled, jumped out and ran//
Straight across a street without looking, ain't even see what hit me/ came to wit some dude pushing down on my chest then trying to kiss me//
Shoved him off like wtf and fired for I thought about it/ tried to stand but couldn't feel my legs got pummeled by the crowd surrounding//
Now I'm in a chair and in a cell for the rest of my days/
And their numbered, so I ain't got much time to remember ya face//
From my love birthed your hate, and I hate myself for that now/
Wit a passion, now I'm impatient for the last time that I'll pass out//


released May 10, 2014
prod. by DJ Ai
recorded at Imperial Sound Studios



all rights reserved


Elias-Omar aka Avarice Danbury, Connecticut

I'm a hip hop artist residing in Danbury, CT.I operate as a solo artist, and I'm also a member of the group 'No Definition', which consists of Lord Lucky Leftfield, Divine Lava, and myself. I am a fraction of the conglomerate of artists known as 'The S.I.N.'.
I also am affiliated with the Scienceninjateam.

For booking, collabs, etc contact avaricemuzic@yahoo.com
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