The Small Scroll

by Elias-Omar aka Avarice



From the upcoming EP, 'Revelations Volume 2: The Plagues'.


Intro-Revelations 10,1-3
Verse: Yeah, I'm the one you ignored/ snatching crumbs off the floor while you were on your high horse// But everything is cyclical, that's divine law/ you may reach terminal velocity it's gonna be a long fall// spent years in the fog blinded, running in circles calling it grinding/ all it did was reinforce my reservoir dog mindset// somewhere in the process stumbled upon the truth/ that none of these garbage rappers can fuck with Av in the booth// they let the slang assassin loose, Samson smashing the pillars/ like I'm the Hulk and you Catniss niggas got empty quivers// Adjective's Armageddon rivaling, adapt to any environment/ biomechanically enhanced silverback simian scientist// the giant slayer crippling halfwits that I'm colliding with/ bad samaritan shit on narratives that they try to spit// mentally damaging dictation erasing your conciousness/ rewrite your memories in my image, you're barely cognizant// conquer enemies SIN hordes surround your following/ demolish all your accomplishments like napoleon did Nuwaubians// See while you was mollied up, whoremongering and frolicking/ I double checked my armaments, so this shit's looking promising// Your empire I'm toppling, a matter of time before I lock 'em in/ yeah i miss sometimes, but not usually back to back like consonants// One man Rawkus Records, shake the globe like galactic drop kicks/ No contest, trust Avarice spit deeper than the Loch Ness// believers to agnostics, atheists and the zealots/ I'm the nemesis that made you nervous, merging pain with my presence// Once all the dust is settled and I'm finished, there's no remnants/ remaining as evidence so the crime is labeled an urban legend// But in the darkness they sweating, threatened by my aggression/ susceptible to a feint, call it pugilistic deception// Soldier this is how we wreck shit, cash the main objective/ hold Miley Cyrus for ransom and busjack One Direction// Teen Choice voters in tears pleading 'Somebody save 'em!'/ but I move in the shadows, black as the wings of a raven// They said the game changed man, fuck all that lyrication/ MCs spitting like they got a 3rd grade education// so thats the hotness? word well than fuck it, call me wack then/ 'cuz pop culture never endorsed a real black man// I spit from my source thereby force a chain reaction/ inspiring BGs to higher levels of verbal enhancement//


released October 13, 2013
produced by Waatu
written and performed by Avarice



all rights reserved


Elias-Omar aka Avarice Danbury, Connecticut

I'm a hip hop artist residing in Danbury, CT.I operate as a solo artist, and I'm also a member of the group 'No Definition', which consists of Lord Lucky Leftfield, Divine Lava, and myself. I am a fraction of the conglomerate of artists known as 'The S.I.N.'.
I also am affiliated with the Scienceninjateam.

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